Thursday, 5 November 2015

UK skills framework (UKPSF K3,K6,V2,A1)

Brief notes and discussion 4th November.

Below are my thoughts on filling in parts of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

K3  How students learn
       Perhaps a good thing to look at is "troublesome knowledge" as featured by the key note speech at the teaching and learning conference at Plymouth University 2015.
I need to learn more about the way students learn mathematics.

K6 Quality assurance
      This is to really to ensure that a good degree is obtained. I need to look at the motivation for quality assurance in education.

V2  Professional values
      Be careful of examples  that are based  on UK TV. I am not sure that this note from the class makes too much sense.

A1 areas of activity
     Design and plan learning module
         Probably good to discuss the design of the quantum universe course as well as writing the module record for "Mathematical Programming."

Remember for the first module only two area need to be covered.