Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What can I learn from Coward's lecturing (UKPSF A2, K1, K2)

There was an interesting article about Alexander Coward a lecturer at Berkeley. The lecturer was very popular with the students, but he did seem  to have pissed the faculty off. I don't want to get into his strike breaking activities, but I would like to see why the students liked him.

He did his PhD at Oxford and he had passed the PGCAP exam.

Looking at the content of the course, it is more technical than we would teach at Plymouth as a service course. For example, it includes limits.  The course is very close to a text book. This is a very US way of teaching.

There is a blog of his teaching, which seems to be written by students.

Here is a link to a video.  Oh, dear did he really start the class by walking around and saying "I am really proud of you."

He is not systematically organizing the material. It looks as though he is just giving good lectures with examples.