Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thinking about teaching Physics II for the second time. (UKPSF A1 A2 K1)

I am just starting to teach a foundation year module called Physics II to the students. This is the second time I taught the course. So here are my thoughts on improvements.

  • I would like to add more applications. I have been reading about batteries and more about medical application of radiation. These are always good for motivation. With my better understanding of cognitive load theory, I need to  make sure that the applications are clearly separate from core course material.
  • I showed a few videos last time. I think it is better to download the videos from youtube if that is possible. The adverts and banners get in the way. I like the videos because they replace physics demonstrations, that we don't have. Also in the end of the course I used explicit questions, to focus their attention on the explicit thing I wanted them to think about.
  • The lecture motes had some inbuilt exercises. I need to add more particularly with the new 2 hour long lectures.
  • The students seemed to like the two mock tests that I ran. I provided solutions, but I could make the solutions more useful, by linking back to lecture material. Also I will add instructions on how to use the feedback in the self marking.
  • There is no white board in the lecture theatre, so I am going to have to use the visualizer, when I write the odd solution to problems.
I wonder if there is a literature on how to effectively use videos in lectures.

I am sure that more things will occur to me as time progresses....