Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Moodle training session (UKPSF K4)

Today I attended a two hour training session on Moodle quizzes run by our Dominic: in our department.

Some of the points to remember:

  • It is best to use the Moodle question bank to develop questions.
  • The quizzes are made from questions in the question bank. 
  • The questions can be put into categories.
  • Make sure to click the hidden button on a quiz to ensure that the students don't see it.
  • We did an experiment of exporting/importing a quiz.
  • Dominic recommended that we don't use the upload to Universities central store of marks. This is technically possible.
  • Dominic mentioned respondus as a way to convert questions in different formats.
  • The system for making random variables seems complicated. Somehow Moodle generates a certain number of random numbers, which can then be used in the questions. There were issues in decimal points.
  • There is no student ID in Moodle so the student ID is not included in the comma separated list, so this may make it hard to upload marks to S3.  A perl script would have to be written.